On the edge of the universe outside the reach of the Alliance, corporations rule. Money decides, who lives and who dies. Corporate employees, hackers, and smugglers constantly seek a way to make more credits. Surviving here takes wits, guile and the ability to sometimes look the other direction when needed. But what kind of person do you want to be?
Welcome to the Rim

As you sit at the bar alone a commanding figure walks in, looks around the room, and heads directly towards you. As soon as he gets near he takes the seat next to you as he lets out a low commanding growl as he barks under his breath “Are you looking to sign on with a crew? Or are you going to let life pass you by?” He looks around the room as he lowers his already low voice “I don’t know your story, but you look like you can handle yourself in a pinch, and the ship will need itself a level headed crew.”

He motions to the bartender to send him a drink as he continues “I’ve already got myself a crew and a fully modded ship, however, what I’m lacking is allies.” As the bartender sends a mug of Trixalian Ale sliding down the bar which he catches the drink in his left hand. As he brings the frothy mug towards his mouth he continues “I’m going to be pulling out one of my old ships and setting it up with a crew, I’ll even take care of the registration.” He drinks half the mug in a single gulp “I think we’ll call it the ‘SS Daedalus’ this time as I transferred the name to my new ship when I traded up.”

He finishes the ale and slaps down a cred-chip as he yells to the barkeep “I’ve got this one’s drink.” His low growl continues as he stands from the stool, “If you want to start living be at Dock 463 in 7 days at 0800 station time. Now I know you don’t have the credits for your own ship so as long as you return the ship when you can afford a new one, we'll just say you owe me a favor down the line and I’ll call it even.” he walks out of the bar just as quickly as he came in.

Game details

 This will be a weekly game ran on Saturday night in Anchorage. The game session starts at 19:30 and normally goes until 00:00 – 02:00. We will be using the StarFinder rules, which release on August 17th, so session 0 will take place after that. More details on that will follow.

If you have any questions let me know or see the Wiki.

Daedalus Recrewed

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